Cultural Consumption Figures at Brâncuși’s House. A Perception on the Cultural Offer in the County of Gorj

Release date: June 2018


The cultural consumption study in the county of Gorj is based on a survey on various culture-related themes, conducted by NIRCT in 2017 at the request of the People’s Art School of Târgu Jiu. The study is focused on the analysis of the cultural consumption and practices among the population in the county of
Gorj and the analysis of the profiles of beneficiaries and non-beneficiaries of the cultural activities organised by the county’s institutions.


The survey was conducted in the period 27 September – 28 October 2017, and the sample volume was 1,064 persons, with an error margin of maximum +/-3%, at a 95% confidence level. The sample was built in accordance with a two-stage stratification.