Classification of Cinemas

The cinema infrastructure and activity in Romania

Updated on 24/10/2023



Types of cinemas

The cinema network is classified as follows:

Depending on the cinematographic equipment used:

  • stable cultural unit – when a performance hall or garden with a screen and related equipment is permanently provided – 94 registered in 2022;
  • mobile cultural unit (cinema caravan) that moves from one locality to another, to present cinema shows – one registered unit in 2022.

Depending on the number of screens:

  • cinemas with one screen – 36 in 2022;
  • cinemas with 2 or more screens – multiscreen / multiplexes – 58 registered in 2022.

A special category is that of art cinemas/EURIMAGES, which are part of the Europa Cinemas network, established and financed through the Council of Europe’s cultural support fund, Eurimages. Their dynamic evolution is shown in the graph below:

Evolution of the number of multiscreen cinemas

Evolution of the number of art cinemas


Cinema operation companies

In the private sector, 66 commercial companies and 3 non-governmental organisations manage 69 cinemas out of a total of 94 units:

  • 91.4% of cinema seats are managed by private entities.
  • The main cinema operation companies in Romania, by the number of seats in cinema halls, are represented by the Cinema City and Cineplexx Romania franchises.

In the public sector:

  • R.A.D.E.F. “Romania Film” currently manages only 6 cinemas;
  • 12 cinema theatres are managed by public cultural institutions (cultural houses, county cultural centres, cultural directorates, performing arts institutions and museums);
  • Local Public Administrations directly manage 7 cinemas at national level.

Cinema operating companies

The cinemas network

depending on the operating company and the number of screens


Top 20 cinema theatres in 2022

The following chart shows the top 20 cinema theatres by number of spectators.

The total number of spectators recorded by these 20 cinemas represented two thirds (66%) of the total number of spectators in the year 2022, in all cinemas nationwide.