Cultural Vitality of Cities

Release date: February 2018


The Cultural Vitality of the Cities speaks about the cultural potential of the local communities and highlights the cities’ development at cultural level. The vitality indices reflect the cultural infrastructure, the cultural participation, the budgetary expenses allocated to the cultural sector, the specialised human resources and the creative industries in the most important cities of the country.


The analysis was made on data collected for five categories of indicators, in the period 2010-2015, at the level of 46 cities, which we consider the main poles of cultural development/with cultural development potential, except for the city of Bucharest, which was not included in the analysis, because of the special nature of the level of cultural facilities and services, dominating the rest of the cities from the viewpoint of the cultural vitality.


 A cultural vitality top (depending on the final index of vitality) for the period 2010-2015, as well as separate hierarchies on each category of indicators – cultural infrastructure, cultural participation, budgetary expenses allocated for the cultural sector, specialised human resources and creative industries.