2017 Cultural Consumption Barometer

Release date: May 2018


The study 2017 Cultural Consumption Barometer. Culture on the Eve of the Great Union Centenary: Identity, Heritage and Cultural Practices aims at capturing and retaining for the collective memory the manner in which the population resonates with the cultural field, in general, and with certain topical themes, in particular. Through this edition, the Consumption Barometer once again achieves its goal stated in all the previous editions – i.e. to provide the experts in cultural and creative sectors important information on the dynamics of the values, perceptions, behaviours, needs and expectations of the general population.


The study 2017 Cultural Consumption Barometer. Culture on the Eve of the Great Union Centenary: Identity, Heritage and Cultural Practices is based on a survey conducted by the Romanian Institute for Assessment and Strategy – as operator, in the period September 28 th – November 22 nd 2017 on a national sample of 1,300 persons aged 18 and above. In addition to the national sample, we also included a supplement of 400 questionnaires applied in Bucharest. The theoretical margin of error on the whole sample was +/- 2.7 and +/- 4.3 at the level of the Bucharest sample, at a confidence level of 95%. 
The type of the sample was three-staged national sample, with stratification: in the first stage, the stratification was made on development regions and random selection of the counties, in the second stage the stratification was made by the size of the localities, and the selection was also random (towns over 200 thousand inhabitants, towns between 100 and 200 thousand inhabitants, towns between 30 and 100 thousand inhabitants, towns under 30 thousand inhabitants, commune-centre villages and peripheral villages).