Mapping of the Cultural Sector

Release date: January 2018


The initiative addresses local, central and national-level decision makers (local public administrations, county cultural directorates, Ministry of Culture), cultural non-governmental organisations, public cultural institutions, education institutions, professionals in the field, as well as the wide public.

The digital tool offers additional details on the distribution of cultural institutions.

The objectives of this undertaking are:

– documentation on the territorial distribution of the main cultural resources – poles of cultural accumulation, at the level of counties and development regions;

– documentation on the dynamics of cultural needs – underprivileged areas in terms of infrastructure, at the level of counties and development regions.


The main source for the data used in this study are the NIS TEMPO – Culture series and the report Activity of the cultural and artistic units – 2016, published by the National Institute of Statistics in the summer of 2017.



The results of the study allow analyses for the period 1990-2016 and are presented in the form of informative graphs, maps and tables illustrating the national, regional and county distribution of the cultural institutions.

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  • Institutions and companies for arts performing or concerts

  • Libraries

  • Museums and public collections

  • Cinema

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