Romania’s National Cultural Heritage

Release date: March 2018


The section includes statistical data referring to the distribution of the number of historical monuments at county level, depending on their nature, importance and structural typology. “Historical monuments are real estate assets, buildings and lands situated on the territory of Romania, significant for the national and universal history, culture and civilisation” (Law no. 422/July 18 2001, Art. 1, par. 2).


The source of the data is the List of Historical Monuments published by the National Institute of Heritage in 2015


11 indicators (Total number of historical monuments, Number of archaeological monuments, Number of architectural monuments, Number of public forum monuments, Number of memorial and funeral monuments, Number of monuments of national interest – Category A, Number of monuments of local interest – Category B, Number of monuments, sites and assemblies, Number of monuments on the UNESCO World Heritage List) at national / county / development regions level.

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  • Historical Monuments

  • UNESCO World Heritage List

  • War memorial works and graves

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